Ask MetaFilter. The inventors from Sears place in the refrigerator and attempted to connect water line towards the refrigerator, however the synthetic tubing had been torn.

Ask MetaFilter. The inventors from Sears place in the refrigerator and attempted to connect water line towards the refrigerator, however the synthetic tubing had been torn.

(a fast term of caution. We’m very little of the DIY-er, therefore please be mild with all the explanations. I would like layman’s terms.)

We simply purchased a brand new kenmore refrigerator with water/ice manufacturer. The fridge that is previousn’t get one, but there is however a water line.

The inventors from Sears place in the refrigerator and tried to connect water line to your refrigerator, nevertheless the synthetic tubing had been torn. Both pieces have there been, nonetheless they had been separated into two. The Sears group stated they mightn’t set it up, and recommended I patch the 2 pipes straight straight back together. They shortly explained just how to achieve this, and I also had written just as much of it down when I could, but upon trying the repairs myself, i acquired stuck and may make use of your assistance.

Some tips about what the people explained to jot down:

1. Purchase compression fitting for synthetic waterline. male to adaptor that is male. 2. purchase ferrules. 3. Give cut that is clean.

And so I moseyed on down to Residence Depot and chatted with a plumber working here. He was showed by me the installers’ recommendations. He gave me a complete large amount of choices, and I also don’t follow each of exactly just what he had been saying. Per their advice, we bought a pack of compression pea pea nuts, plus brass inserts w/Delrin Sleeves (he said we were holding ferrules).

I attempted patching the 2 along with these, the means he told me personally to. I acquired the pea pea nuts, ferrules + metal inlets on the tubing, but there’s not a way to join them together. We have the experience that the plumber either offered me the incorrect item, or i am missing an item that i will have obtained. We have the impression so it has one thing related to the male-to-male adaptor component, but i am unsure. I am sure the solution is simple once i am aware the things I require, but I becamen’t capable of finding a youtube that is good on fixing synthetic water lines.

Anyways, here is a pic regarding the two separated lengths of tubing, then the pic of just one of this lengths up-close:

Additionally, i have got an additional concern. I became considering changing the line with a far more durable water that is non-plastic, however the synthetic line is threaded behind a case that will be pretty darn tough to make the journey to. It might oftimes be much simpler to participate the 2 plastic parts together and phone it every day.

Do you believe it could be worth every penny to restore the tubing, or do I need to be fine using what We have? I am presuming operating water through the line would clean out of the gunk which is on it as it’s old, but I’m concerned as to its dependability. I want the easiest possible solution to try this, but would additionally enjoy it become durable sufficient to endure.

Many Thanks ahead of time. Please assist this guy that is poor doesn’t have clue exactly exactly what he is doing.

Whatever they’ve offered is may be the components that will enable you to link the 2 items of the line via a brass [whatever size that is] to [whatever size that is] brass fitting. You might simply get buy the fitting.

Or, the things I’d do, is I would take off about two ins associated with synthetic line and go on it to hardware store (so that they could match size) and acquire a push suitable like that one. Then simply stick two cut that is cleanly in and bob’s your uncle. published by DirtyOldTown at 7:50 AM on October 22, 2014 [2 favorites]

For $10-20, we’d purchase an entire line that is new.

This can be presuming you realize the sizes regarding the two ends – i suppose there is something such as a hose-spigot with a bib you screw one end for the line on (in addition to standard refrigerator nipple when it comes to other end). Just be sure you have the right sizes and you are all done.

(The refrigerator manual should state the refrigerator’s size, your hose-bib are trial/error) published by k5.user at 8:19 have always been on October 22, 2014

duckstab has it, the nipple should link the two pea nuts just fine. You might desire to place a number of layers of Teflon tape across the nipple to help keep it from dripping.

If you opt to change the hose, I would suggest a braided hose over the white synthetic ones. I have had a few of the synthetic hoses split, never ever had a nagging issue because of the braided. Ensure you get the one that’s for enough time to maneuver the refrigerator and never have to disconnect it. published by Marky at 8:33 have always been on 22, 2014 october

Myself, however, we choose a copper icemaker line, like that one. You almost certainly have the valve installed, therefore it would you should be a matter of linking the copper line and saving the valve should your valve fails as time goes on.

N.B. the sort of icemaker valve they consist of with this kit is unlawful in Massachusetts (i discovered this out just when I’d set up one and a long period later decided to go to offer the house in MA) — its, nevertheless, OK in other states. published by tckma at 9:52 have always been on 22, 2014 october

I have messed with pushing my very own fixtures, and there’s an art to it. Issue is, you could be looking at expensive damage if you screw up.

The easiest thing ? Simply obtain a brand new water line because of the fixtures connected. utilize some teflon tape, too.

10 dollars and easypeasy.

website website website link is the six base, nevertheless they are presented in different lengths published by Pogo_Fuzzybutt at 1:01 PM on October 22, 2014

The directions folks are providing you with on the best way to finish the fix you’re suggested the very first time are legit, though utilizing metal fixtures with plastic lines may be temperamental. The guidelines letting you know how exactly to change the whole line are accurate, too. But i am form of gathering you aren’t the “handy” kind and that you are made by this stuff stressed.

Therefore check out links to correct finished . with those stupidly push that is easy I pointed out. To make use of these, simply slice the ends you wish to join so they are good, clean, also finishes. Then push one into one end of the plain thing plus the other to the other. Then turn water straight straight back on and push your refrigerator back where it goes since you are done. No tools, no wrenches, no teflon tape, no tightening, absolutely absolutely nothing.

I happened to be thinking about changing the line with an even more durable water line that is non-plastic

This is just what you need to do. The synthetic has unsuccessful when. It takes only a pinhole to begin a flooding that might carry on for hours if you are in the office. just simply simply Take everything returning to HD (and they’ll go on it right straight back) to get a brand new braided line. published by sageleaf at 3:21 PM on 22, 2014 october

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